Professor Ian D'Souza's presentation revolves around human interpretation of fear events and circumvention of harmful tendencies through acting upon fear irrationally. These visuals will (hopefully) help make his presentation more engaging.
This project included around 1200 frames of hand-drawn animation, edited in After Effects and Premiere. 

This project presented many challenges (aside from the tedious nature of animating so many frames), including asset management (over 4000 files in the project folder for this) and strict submission dates. 

I am very pleased with the end result and so is Professor D'Souza. His presentation is on June 8, 2023 at NYU. 
Above are two preliminary color concepts. We did not end up using these, but I fell in love with how they looked and rendered them as their own videos.
A preliminary render of the animation as it sat a few weeks before submission.
I also created two variations of a cover image for this project. The left shows a simplified diagram, and the right shows the specific flow of responsibility within the context of this presentation.

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