Title card created in Photoshop and edited into environment with some simple masking + tracking. In terms of technical challenges, this project was relatively light. A few scripting and editing bugs to be tweaked, but this was mostly an exercise in hitting the nail on the damn head.​​​​​​​
 Animation and tracking of the green energy behind the artist proved difficult at first, but a rhythm was found that was quite effective.
The piece consisted of two shooting days and about 30 hours of editing time. Production was completed in January 2023, and was awaiting publication until June 2023. 
A few stills from the project. I am QUITE proud of the compositions and colors achieved in this film. Credits listed in full below
Artist: Jritz 
Production: Dannygotthatjuice 
Mixed By: Dannygotthatjuice 
Shot By: Tim Sullivan 
Edited By: Tim Sullivan 
Production Company: GMM, INC. 
Music Video by Jritz performing Nightmare, © 2023 GMM INC.
Visuals copyright GMM, Tim Sullivan, and Jeff Ferreira 2022/2023.

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