What an amazing exercise this trip was in star photography practice as well. Some of the lowest levels of light pollution I have ever experienced in person. Photo above was a 15 second exposure @ f1.4 + 1600 ISO. 
A collection of landscape photos from around the island, and one photo of the clear night sky:
A visit to the Holy Trinity Monastery in the north proved to be another fantastic image capturing excuse. Unreal foliage and overgrowth throughout this inhabited space.
Cretan cities provide dense and visually engaging scenery in which detail is king. The nightlife also contributed to some great photos during my time there. 
Shooting in cities at night is an interesting challenge; The inconsistent (but sometimes unexpectedly beautiful) lighting, the moving subjects + scenery, and the huge number of distractions can be hurdles in creating great photos. It makes capturing an interesting moment or composition that much more rewarding. 

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